I really want to meditate, but I don’t?!

Photo by Vijay Sadasivuni on Pexels.com

Often times I find myself needing ever so badly to meditate and although I know I should, I just don’t. I just don’t. Feel me?

I really want to spend some time meditating, letting go, releasing all this built up tension and mental exhaustion or feel connected to source, but, I procrastinate to the point that there is literally no time left for me to do it.

I call it – Self sabotage 101. What do you call it? I’ve sabotaged myself once again, I’ve done it enough times to know it quite well and I’m so used to it. It’s like second nature. Like all those times I have invalidated, lied to or ignored myself for whichever reason allows me to. My limiting thoughts have once again won.

I have taught myself through hard work and dedication to intercept my limiting thoughts. A limiting thought is simply an excuse and it is designed to keep you limited in thought, power, money, ideas perspectives etc. It’s basically your ego. The control centre to safety & security except the ego is selfish and self centred. You are not.

I no longer want to beat myself up. I have already spent many years attacking myself and hating myself for the things I’ve said and done and the very things or what I haven’t said or done well enough to everyone else liking.

I’m working to leave it all behind me and this is enough of a reason for me to meditate. And, I’m also the controller of my brain. I will continue to focus on the good I have achieved and talk to myself with kindness and love.

Kindness and Love with some compassion for myself are what have pushed me to keep going. I can see the small changes have made a huge impact to me. A small flickering light builds into a gorgeous bonfire. Can you picture it?

You know how I know all this is working, that the meditation I have done & the eviction notice to the limiting thoughts has been sent, and the love I have for myself is permeating throughout me… I’ll tell you! During a conversation with a great friend of mine I realised that I had an opportunity to explain the nuggets of information that helped me.

My gorgeous friend, through a heartbreak had very little that was nice to say about herself. And it broke my heart on two points. First being that I was exactly the same as my friend and that so many people do this to themselves far too often.

So, if like me, you’d rather stop the procrastination and self sabotage, why not try these handy tips to kicking self sabotage to the curb, oh, and please try to show yourself some compassion for the steps you are attempting to make. Remember attempting (trying) is in fact doing… just saying!

  1. 5 minutes of sitting in silence (and ok that may be the toilet – it will work just fine & no one needs to know, it’s between you & you!)
  2. 5 amazing affirming points about yourself (one for each minute, sometimes when starting out we lack the ability to see the beauty – remember compassion)
  3. Now string those 5 affirming points together in a sentence.
    • For example – Even though I struggle at times to find the goodness in me I know I love myself, I am prosperous in all that I do, I am a go getter, I am so grateful for the ability to see beyond it all and I deserve the best for myself.
  4. Try committing to 5 days of the above 3 steps, and journal how you go. Be as honest as possible.

Please let me know via the comments below if you like how you’ve gone with my tips.

Better still maybe you have tips to help others too.

I look forward to sharing more with you.

Margs x

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