Essentially a houseplant.

Photo by Dua Chuot on

At times we provide better care for our houseplants than we do for ourselves.

I find it so very relaxing to watch plants, flowers and nature. Do you?
I’m an avid watcher of plants and flowers here at home. I take copious amounts of photos & scatter them around Instagram & Facebook like confetti.
Why is it then that we don’t care for ourselves like we do our plants?
Surely I’m not the only person to have likened myself to a houseplants.
Especially now in amongst Covid-19 isolation and restrictions I’m noticing the need for sunshine, water and nutrients. I crave sunshine, truth be told. Which isn’t all together smart when you have my skin. On a side note – the old adage of European skin doesn’t get skin cancer, lie. Get checked out. Seriously, please.

We go around our homes regularly checking in on our plants, we may have even diarised it, but we see how they’re doing, maybe say hello, ask do you need anything, water, sunshine, fertilizer – is the soil wet enough – we stick our finger into the soil, rub it between our fingers to gauge its moisture.

So similarly to a houseplant withering and showing signs of struggle – we (humans) wait until we have a physical symptom that is yelling out in the form of a raging headache, it’s then we qualify – water, when did I drink some last? Insert meme of Vikings sculling wine.

I’d like to suggest that we calenderise when we drink water, just like we may calenderise when we water our plants (this could be just me). Make ourselves accountable just the same as we feel accountable to keep our plants alive. How much to drink (every 30 mins or so as a suggestion) and maybe it could coincide with a snack break or a walk around the block.

How do you manage to look as fine as you do right now?
I’d love to read your comments on ensuring your water intake is better than mine.

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