At the centre of impatience.

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Over the years I have felt impatient more times than I care to admit. There I said it. We all like to give an air of grace that we are patient people, yet, when we are alone…

There is no ‘Putting on the Ritz’ so to speak.

No one is watching. We are not accountable to anyone. So,

I challenge you to try out the statement below at a time when you are impatient or ready to just yell, scream and stamp your feet…

Be impatient when your heart centre is activated.


It is impossible! Right?

Now I say heart centre in this context because some of us don’t recognise our heart chakra. We may be disconnected from it, so the last thing I want to do is ask you to do something you can’t do. Where would the benefit be? It’s a massive turn off! Plus I’d like to keep the eye roll to a minimum lol.

The above quote came to me one night as I was meditating before sleeping, something I do often.
And I gave it a whirl because at the time I was feeling lots of emotions including impatience. I became aware pretty quickly that I no longer felt impatient with myself, the situation or the other person. I quickly asked Siri to add this quote to as a note on my phone so I could get some sleep.

So where did my impatience go? Or had I shifted emotional states & allowed love instead to come to the surface. The real reason I was impatient came down to me just trying to make sense of someone else’s opinion, and decisions and so it wasn’t actually something I could even control. I was impatient needlessly. Has this happened to you? Have you been impatient needlessly? Tell me… I want to know whether you’ve given my recommendation a go.

How do you feel? Still impatient? Or, like me wondering where the impatience went?

Leave a comment below or contact me directly. Let’s laugh and learn together.
I’d love to know.
Margs x

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