A gateway drug of preference

Did you know dopamine, the drug that fuels your intuition is like a gateway drug?

That each time your intuition is right, you get a hit, you’ve scored, and you want more. You can thank dopamine for this glorious feeling in the right hand side of your brain.

Have you spent much time trusting your intuition or are you questioning whether to trust it because you aren’t sure if it’s right, or, if it’s fear and old thought patterns playing out?

The simple way to know is to say ‘Yes’ to what comes through your intuition, then wait for the validation. Wait without judgement, without fear and hesitation.

It is asking a lot isn’t it – to be vulnerable, to be open, to be uncomfortable.

So how do we get to know our intuition better? How can we access that gateway drug Dopamine?

It’s quite simple really – MEDITATE.

I know, I know. Meditate. So obvious. For me it literally took ages to give meditation a go. I am quite stubborn. I was at a point where I was quite nervous about life, decision making was very hard, I was constantly uncomfortable, disliked the vulnerability it required, impulse decisions were at an all time high (sadly). I was arguing with my teenagers. I was generally unhappy & just about everything was irritating. I couldn’t tell you if I loved myself in the slightest. Yeah it was bad.

The fear of the unknown. What was I going to find out about myself and the world around me? And anyways what was I supposed to do to meditate, how was I supposed to do it, how long should I do it. Like everyone I was a bit uncertain that I could even meditate. So I decided to sit in a quiet space. Just sit. This concept was foreign for me. You might recognise it too.

It wasn’t long after that I sought the help of a meditation teacher. I was finding that I had more questions than answers, which is a good thing. I was no longer accepting my life as it was at that very moment. So I sat in on a group meditation with a few others & listened to their recount of what they experienced whilst meditating. Which was such a relief for me.

Let me be clear – EVERYONE’S experience is different!

So moving on to your intuition. The gorgeous gateway drug. The trust centre of your body. Through meditation you will begin to recognise the thoughts and feelings during, are providing some answers to your questions.

Personally when my intuition (who had been asleep like Snow White for many years – here’s an example – I would ask 10 people their opinion because I simply didn’t trust my intuition or decision making capabilities) kicked in I began to question it, instead of honouring it and saying ‘Yes’ to the information. This further delays the process of trust.

Don’t do that! Don’t be me. Don’t be stubborn.

Don’t dishonour yourself. It further fuels a lack perspective which is counter intuitive to what you want to achieve. You’re wanting to achieve confidence in yourself. You’re wanting to be more decisive and clear. You’re wanting everything that is for you.

Through regular meditations you will feel that dopamine hit more frequently. Meditation doesn’t have to be exhaustive. That’s why I offer half hour sessions. Get in. Get clarity, peace, love and give gratitude to yourself. Get out. Keep moving in life.

I’m curious to know your experience with meditation.

I’m curious to know has meditation helped you to trust the thoughts and feelings being given to you by your intuition.

I look forward to working with you.
Margs x

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