Your energetic frequency is your signature.

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There are those of us who are attuned to our own frequency and are conscious to the energy we feel and distribute. Then there are those of us who are not. If you are still reading, you may be wondering how to determine this for yourself. That’s a fair question, and one I have pondered and worked with for a while now. To put it simply, often times you can’t determine why you feel the way you do, that’s the simple answer.

Energy is felt.

Frequency doesn’t lie.

Phil Good

Energy is the frequency upon which you operate. Energy is everywhere. We know this. It is the undercurrent almost like its own currency. So then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the frequency you operate with can be understood better by putting words to the energy you are feeling, such as empowered and motivated or feel deflated and unmotivated. And sometimes you may feel physically ill. To some this may seem far fetched and to others it will explain a lot and be a useful tool moving forward.

When you are in tune with your body, its workings, its synchronicities, you will know better than some when you are feeling unlike your self. Some will tell you you are imagining it, you’re mad, crazy even. Just take a step away from those people. In my opinion this generally means they are not aware of their own energetic frequency or they’re hiding it from themselves & potentially others.

If you give yourself time to sit, just for a moment and jot down where you are feeling this energy (try not to think), what this energy is doing (feeling like) to your body, mind and soul (the deepest part of your body), you will soon be able to answer for yourself whether this is helpful or unhelpful energy. Try to use words that are specific like butterflies, nausea, tingling, sadness, disappointment etc. I would try and stay away from umbrella terms like anxiety. I mean, if you are here trying to work this out then you may already be feeling anxious, so, why make yourself feel more of something you don’t want?.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. TRY THIS.
Take a breath.
Close your eyes.
Relax your shoulders, jaw, tongue, neck, hips, feet.
Take another breath.
I want you to feel how your body feels now.
I want you to begin to write only the words you hear inside you.

Don’t sensor your words. No one will be reading it.
(Please don’t leave it at the coffee shop you go to frequently)

Where in your body do you feel like or unlike yourself?
Now you can work on deconstruction.

Daily, spend 5 minutes doing the above. It’ll help you to attune your sense of self. Strengthening your intuition.

For me, if I am feeling a sensation that I can’t quite place I write down the words to the parts of my body I feel it in and the emotions that come up. For example:

Shoulders. Tensed. Strings. Hooks holding me up.
Tension in the base of my neck.
Angry. Sad. Pressured. Cloudy. Scattered.

To me this means I need to step back from whatever it is I am doing and take a few deep breaths. I really need to move my body. Because, if you are your energetic frequency then it is yours to harness for good or bad. Truly. When we are in a funk we can choose to stay here and ponder our existence or we can mindfully decide to step away from that energy and transmute it to a higher frequency to feel better, have more energy and thrive. You want to be operating at an optimal frequency. Working to your optimal best. Thriving. Attracting high vibrational, energetic, attuned individuals to surround yourself with.

You aren’t here trying to work out how to spend more time with people who quite frankly with sap your energy reserves. Or if you are still reading, may be you are the sapling needing to shift some energy. No criticism here, just observations and suggestions. Protection is essential and I’ll get to this in another post. They are a whole other group of people and a whole other conversation! I’ll probably call that article Mati Over It… get it bloody over it.

NOTE: It shouldn’t be for someone else to play with YOUR energy. Mindfully visualise a field of white cleansing vibrant light, a current of continuous energy from the very tip of your head to the ground around your feet. A force field or cocoon. Whichever feels most like you.

Get in contact if you would rather speak personally about generating your ideal energetic frequency. Reiki works to show you your energy, how to benefit your overall health and wellbeing, how to protect yourself energetically.

Margs x

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