New Moon. Tuning in to it.

It’s the beginning of 2021 and the first new moon of the year is upon us in Capricorn, the driver of our ambitions, among other things. So what does this mean to us.

Let’s go back to mid December 2020. For example Jupiter and Saturn aligned on 21 December 2020 (AEDST) and even though this happens every 20 years, the proximity of each planet each other hasn’t been this close since 1623. So it’s a very big astrological event. The effects of which are still felt I believe. I am a novice on these things. But, I am getting better at intuitively understanding and using the new moon to my advantage. Thus I am writing this blog post in the hopes that it too will help you on your journey to bring you more understanding of what’s happening around you and for you.

Dependent on your birth chart (the date, time & location of astrological events at the time of your birth) it can show you who you are, what you’re about and then obviously how you can move forward with better clarity and purpose to maximise your day to day emotions and feelings.

Capricorn, the driver of our ambitions. And beautifully placed at the beginning of each calendar year. Don’t you think. You close out one year and open another with a renewed, clearer direction.

New Moons are fertile grounds. Newly cleansed of old crops. The soil has been turned over and ready for new seeds. It is infused with mother nature’s goodness. It is darkness, mysterious, clean and hidden from view. So it’s normal and very natural to feel yourself also being in darkness, emptiness, or sometimes foggy and unsure in the lead up to a new moon. Now that we’ve cleansed our fields we can begin anew (cleansing ritual below). Visualise planting seeds of intentions, the new crops. You just know that that crop is going to grow, slowly and surely like day and night blend and with the sun and the moon, growing each day and night. The moon will grow to it’s fullest full moon over a 14.5 day period and so too will your intentions with love and grace sustained by the warmth of the sun.


If you feel like following through with the new moon intentions ritual I am suggesting, I’d recommend having a pen and paper handy.

  • Sit down in a relaxed position with your back supported.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply in through your nose, and out through your mouth using diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Do this for approximately one minute (you may also want to set a timer).
  • Write down on your paper the first thing that come up. As many as you wish.
  • It could be thoughts, feelings, ideas to pursue, things to stop, points to clarify or set.
  • These will be your intentions for this new moon ritual below.

What I am suggesting is that we intuitively, or instinctually, gain perspective on what is happening for us individually on a sub conscious to conscious basis before we go ahead and read 10 different posts on what this means in general terms.

My reason for this is that I find it becomes muddy and murky from hereon in. You start to judge what you have written down and edit your thoughts to adjust to that vs what you know to be real and important for you.

Of course if you really are struggling to write down points then please read through some research on Capricorn (use the sun sign you are working with if the month you are reading this is not January).

To follow through with the cleansing and setting of intentions I suggest you have the following handy.

  • A Candle.
  • Lighter.
  • A jar of water.
  • A pot plant or some soil.
  • Some sage or palo santo.
  • A bowl to catch ash from paper and sage. (Not plastic).

Walk around your home or space with the lit palo santo or sage and visualise the space being cleansed of old energy. See clearer and cleaner spaces. Please make sure to have a plate or bowl under your lit palo santo or sage to avoid ash falling to the ground etc. Better to be safe than sorry.

To set your intentions.

  • Light your candle.
  • Sit down and feel intentionally within your body what you are about to do i.e. sending out universal energy of manifestation through intentional setting of goals.
  • Mindfully consider each point you have written down earlier.
  • With water or a tap handy (safety first).
  • Light your piece of paper, or if on individual pieces of paper, light them individually.
  • Thank yourself for being present.
  • Follow through with a few deep breaths.
  • Put the ash of the paper into the bowl. Keep this.
  • Thank yourself for being present. (Do this often).
  • Then bury the ashes of your intentions in the pot plant soil, turn it over a little.
  • Water the plant with the jar of water to cultivate.
  • Allow the candle to burn for a little while, to maintain a connection with all your spirits and universe.

Now you’ve set the scene of your intentions and offered them out to the wider energetic field beyond yourself. Allow yourself to feel contentment and above all trust the process you have set in motion.

I would love to know how you go if you have tried this ritual. How did it feel to do it. Was it empowering?

I am always looking for new and improved ways to better mindfulness, manifestation and intentions. So don’t be shy, get it touch.

Margs x

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