I have always been that person that most people flock to to discuss what’s on their mind and provide an alternate viewpoint.
I am a social person by nature however I do like my own time to gather my energy and recharge the battery.
I’ve raised two amazing children who are successful in their own right and I have one grandchild. Now that doesn’t mean I’m great at talking or listening all of the time. What it means is that I’m committed to working things through from start to finish. I’m am an empathetic person who can confidently speak what needs to be spoken with care.

My professional background is office administration, sales and marketing. I did have a brief stint as a courier, surprisingly I quite enjoyed it, and again it gave me the social interaction I needed. I’m currently working full time as an Administrative/Sales & Marketing Associate. I run Attune Meditation and Reiki Healing during the evening and weekends.
So – people, understanding and working well with them are my my passion.

Welcome to Attune Meditation & Reiki Healing.
Attune to who you are. Our ethos is simple, honest-to-goodness meditation and reiki healing. We work with you and your goal, in meditation and/or reiki, helping you tune in and attune to your highest capabilities, leaving behind any doubt.
Primarily our techniques in meditation include mindfulness and colour therapy. We believe that it’s you that guides meditation, you’re tuning in, you’re attuning to who you are. Every session is different to the last.
Feel free to get in touch and find out how we can help you Attune and feel your best self.

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