Full Moons

Photo by Manuel Torres Garcia on Pexels.com

Your thoughts are a veil on the face of the Moon. That Moon is your heart, and those thoughts cover your heart. So let them go, just let them fall into the water.Rumi Where to start with full moons… If the new moon is a time to set intentions and call in your highest possible…… Continue reading Full Moons

At the centre of impatience.

Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.com

Over the years I have felt impatient more times than I care to admit. There I said it. We all like to give an air of grace that we are patient people, yet, when we are alone…

Essentially a houseplant.

Photo by Dua Chuot on Pexels.com

At times we provide better care for our houseplants than we do for ourselves. I find it so very relaxing to watch plants, flowers and nature. Do you? I’m an avid watcher of plants and flowers here at home. I take copious amounts of photos & scatter them around Instagram & Facebook like confetti. Why…… Continue reading Essentially a houseplant.

I really want to meditate, but I don’t?!

Photo by Vijay Sadasivuni on Pexels.com

Often times I find myself needing ever so badly to meditate and although I know I should, I just don’t. I just don’t. Feel me? I really want to spend some time meditating, letting go, releasing all this built up tension and mental exhaustion or feel connected to source, but, I procrastinate to the point…… Continue reading I really want to meditate, but I don’t?!