To heal from the inside out is the key.

– Wynonna Judd.

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Meditation 30 minutes

Meditation for the beginner or the person who’s interested in some guidance in their own meditation practice.

Meditation 45 minutes

Work on relaxation, release, quietude and further your mindfulness meditation with some easy to follow strategies.

Meditation 1 Hour

In depth and easy to follow strategies provided with a full mindfulness session focusing on releasing particular points you’d like to work on.

Reiki and Meditation 1 Hour

Everything that comes with the 1 hour meditation session coupled with reiki healing.
Mindfulness strategies will be provided to assist you on your journey.


Reiki 90 minutes treatment

60 minute treatment with 15 minute discussion before and after ensuring you are receiving the treatment you seek.
For distance reiki refer to other treatment available.

Distance Reiki 90 minutes treatment

Reiki provided via distance.
I will require your name and geographical location.
For in person reiki please refer to the other reiki service.

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